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The Financial Independence Regular Check-Up<sup>&#169;</sup>

The Financial Independence Regular Check-Up©

The objective of the Financial Independence Regular Check-Up© is to work towards your financial confidence in that you are on track to your goals. In addition, we update records for new information, answer any financial questions, review investment allocation, tax strategies, performance, discuss additions and withdrawals, follow-up on open action steps and make any other necessary adjustments.

In addition to providing assistance for your day-to-day administrative needs on your account(s), you will hear from our client services staff when they call you to schedule our the Regular Checkup©.

To ensure that we gauge how well your plan is aligned to your current needs, we initiate a Regular Check-Up so that we can plan for contingencies or anticipated changes. For instance, if you are expecting your daughter to get married and have some celebratory expenses, we can help you analyze which assets you might consider to use. Or, in these times of business mergers and acquisitions, your employer may be in discussions for purchasing another firm or conversely, is being purchased. Then we would discuss whether or when you might consider exercising your stock options and what you would do with your lump sum or annuity if you anticipate retiring from the company during this acquisition period.

We love to hear from our clients, which we do regularly when they send us postcards from all over the world.

Similarly, we promise that you will hear regularly from us.

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